Wireless Charging

Commercial Success through Application of Customised Power Management Chip designed by AMASIC

Wireless Charging

Our products have not only helped our clients achieve remarkable market success, they have also equipped us with the knowledge base to specialise in the numerous chip design offerings. Wireless Charging is an example of our most successful product range.

Wireless Battery Charger chip 無線充電芯片

We have extensive experience in developing ASIC solutions for wireless charging devices and systems for companies in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas.

Some features of our successful product range:

  • Self contained power management chip for system power supply as well as power transfer interface 芯片上已經包含了電源供應的介面線路和功率管的驅動線路
  • Data communication between the charger (base station) and the unit being charged 芯片上集成了充電器和數據傳輸的解調線路
  • Programmable oscillator frequency through Serial communication bus control 頻率和相位可編程的振盪器
  • “Qi” standard compliant 符合“Qi”的無線充電標準

Please refer to "Products & Datasheets" and read more about AP9919A.
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Our Strengths

Product Range

Substantial experiences in designing IC for various product applications, from small sound generator chips to high voltage transistor drivers

Cost Effective Solutions

Our expertise in analog circuit and fabrication processes allow us to provide cost-effective designs in very competitive time scale

Ready-to-use IPs

With our range of successfully developed products, we are able to leverage various analog IPs that are Silicon-verified and available for re-use in Power Management applications

Network & Experience

Founding partners of the firm have over 30 years of industry experience and network with customers, vendors, local University faculties and other design houses in Hong Kong and Mainland China

We Build our products to Represent our Values

Integrity is at the core of our business. Our clients return to us because they understand that at AMASIC, we provide honest technical advice based on our expertise and put forward only the most suitable ASIC solutions based on business needs. 

Our practice of precision and culture of excellence have helped numerous clients excel in their respective fields and industries. Our products have helped them achieve remarkable market success and enabled public listing for further expansion of their businesses.


AMASIC is an Integrated Circuit Design House based in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park founded in 2009. 

The highly experienced team offers both design-according-to-specification and turn-key chip development services as part of their product offerings.

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